Friday, March 7, 2014

Top 10 Benefits of Cashews

  Consumption of cashews is very important for the prevention of gallstones in yhe human body.
So, make sure to have a handful of cashews nut every day as a snack or toss in some of them on your salad or over your oatmeal.
  It is a known fact that the tow minerals, calcium and magnesium are very essential for the production and maintenance of healthy bones.

Nuts and more

  Magnesium is mainly used yo give physical structure to the bones.
  Some magnesium is also stored on the surface of the bones  for the body to utilize whenever necessary.
  The mineral magnesium is also very important to regulate the tone of nerves and muscles.
  This is achieved by balancing the action of the mineral calcium by acting as a nutural calcium channel blocker.
  They help to prevent the excessive gushing of calcium into the nerve cell and activating the nerves.
  Thus, they play a major role in keeping the nerves relaxed and prevent their over contraction.
Lack of adequate amounts of calcium in the body can lead to conditions like muscle spasms, migraine headaches and even high blood pressures.
  Apart from this, they also help to prevent muscle tensions, soreness, and fatigue and are espescially beneficial for women suffering from menopausal sleep disurbances.        

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